Internet Marketing Services

 Do you want to improve your ROI and make your business grow? Need a reliable advertising tool that will increase your sales and keep your customers engaged? If so, what you need is a good Internet marketing strategy. I, the sole owner and marketing expert behind Swift Email Copywriting, am here to help you with that. My company is based in Abingdon, MD, where most of my clients are from, however, I can help any business owner in the US. Here’s what I’m able to do for you:

 Website Copywriting – It’s really important to have a beautiful website with informative and engaging content. This will not only help your customers get to know you and your business better but will also help your website rank better. When this happens, more people will find out about you when they type certain keywords on Google, and this, of course, will increase your sales and improve your business’ image.

 Email Copywriting – Want to keep your customers informed about the latest offers and discounts? Want to keep them engaged? Well, who doesn’t want to do this for their customers? However, in order to do it the right way, you will need some help with coming up with interesting emails that will increase your sales. I can do that for you, regardless of the type of products or services you offer. I will write engaging texts for your emails, which will show your business in its best light.

 Autoresponder Email – If you want to have a unique auto-respond email that will be sent every time a customer is reaching out to you, I’m here to help. I will write the email in a style that will fit your brand’s message. This way, your customers won’t have to wait long for a response but get an email back soon after they send theirs, which will help you maintain the good image of your company.

 If you ever need any of the copywriting services Swift Email Copywriting offers, you should not hesitate to send me an email or call me at (410) 240-4428. Regardless of whether your business is based in Abingdon, MD or not, I will be more than happy to help you raise brand awareness and increase customer engagement, which will help your business grow. I’m looking forward to working with you!